At GLOBAL FARADAY we take responsibility of our clients’ needs with absolute fidelity to their business plan and to the kind of service our clients want to provide to their customers.
The principles that guide our work are total transparency in our management, guaranteed confidentiality in engineering and development projects, technical rigor and personalized customer service.



We often find companies that lack the knowledge regarding how electric vehicle’s technology will benefit their business. GLOBAL FARADAY will provide accurate and timely information so that customers can assess their needs. This will allow our clients to choose the best option which will represent higher efficiency at a much lower cost.

*Product Sales.

Once the customer chooses the option that is best suited for their business, GLOBAL FARADAY will assume management in order to add value to its newly acquired asset. We will negotiate with the manufacturer on our clients’ behalf and with their interests in mind. We deal with European manufacturers to adjust prices and warranties, resolving all potential problems between the customer and the manufacturer.


We carry out training courses for beginner drivers in green vehicles, which are adapted to the specific needs of each vehicle. A proper driving exam and a repair test are adapted to each client. Said tests lay out the limits of each vehicle, help achieve optimal use and increase the vehicle’s life.

* Maintenance/Repair.

Electric vehicles require specialized maintenance. Optimum management of warranties and repairs can reduce costs in comparison with an internal combustion vehicle. In GLOBAL FARADAY we provide training to those who will service and maintain the vehicles once the warranty has expired, while at the same time providing cross advice for any type of electric vehicle.

* Store.

We supply replacement parts and accessories, with strict respect to delivery times. GLOBAL FARADAY gives priority in offering high quality service providing everything to satisfy our costumers’ needs in order to expedite orders and have appropriate stock control.

* Services.

GLOBAL FARADAY also provides customer approvals, computer applications, communication systems, fleet management progamming for maintenance, regeneration of batteries and other related services that may arise. Ask what you need and GLOBAL FARADAY will help you.